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Vinyl Pergola Kits By Size

Shop by width x depth of the area you'd like to cover with your vinyl pergola. Please note: Attached pergolas will attach to your home on the width side, but on free-standing pergolas you can choose which direction to orient it (rafters run the depth direction and the shade purlins run the width - see illustration).

8' Deep 8w x 8d 10w x 8d 12w x 8d 14w x 8d 16w x 8d 18w x 8d 20w x 8d 24w x 8d 28w x 8d 32w x 8d
10' Deep 8w x 10d 10w x 10d 12w x 10d 14w x 10d 16w x 10d 18w x 10d 20w x 10d 24w x 10d 28w x 10d 32w x 10d
12' Deep 8w x 12d 10w x 12d 12w x 12d 14w x 12d 16w x 12d 18w x 12d 20w x 12d 24w x 12d 28w x 12d 32w x 12d
14' Deep 8w x 14d 10w x 14d 12w x 14d 14w x 14d 16w x 14d 18w x 14d 20w x 14d 24w x 14d 28w x 14d 32w x 14d
16' Deep 8w x 16d 10w x 16d 12w x 16d 14w x 16d 16w x 16d 18w x 16d 20w x 16d 24w x 16d 28w x 16d 32w x 16d
18' Deep 8w x 18d 10w x 18d 12w x 18d 14w x 18d 16w x 18d 18w x 18d 20w x 18d 24w x 18d 28w x 18d 32w x 18d
20' Deep 8w x 20d 10w x 20d 12w x 20d 14w x 20d 16w x 20d 18w x 20d 20w x 20d 24w x 20d 28w x 20d 32w x 20d
24' Deep 8w x 24d 10w x 24d 12w x 24d 14w x 24d 16w x 24d 18w x 24d 20w x 24d 24w x 24d 28w x 24d 32w x 24d

Not finding the right dimensions?

You can also use our pergola builder wizard or request a no-obligation quote on a truly custom pergola here.

Choosing the Right Vinyl Pergola Kit for Your Space

diagram of attached pergola showing width and depth sidesStep 1: Measure the space your pergola will cover

The table above lists all of the vinyl pergola kits in our catalog. To see the pergolas that are the right size for your space simply measure the area and view the pergolas that are the closest match to your space's dimensions.

Step 2: Choose a pergola type

Every pergola we carry is available in attached or freestanding versions. Attached pergolas utilize an exterior wall or structure on one width side, and then utilize posts on the other. Freestanding versions utilize poles in all corners (and in the middle of the width sides on lengthier versions) and don't need to be attached to a wall or structure.

Step 3: Choose a pergola style

Our vinyl pergola kits are available in traditional or modern styles (and you can easily create a hybrid version too). Traditional pergolas feature overhanging beams & rafters that give it a "Sicilian garden" vibe, and modern pergolas have a more "clean" look with no overhanging beams or rafters. (See all the differences between the two styles on this page.)

Step 4: Choose vinyl color

Our entire pergola kit catalog is available in white or tan maintenance-free vinyl. It's also worth noting that the vinyl is paintable, so it's very easy to paint it to match your homes or business's exterior color scheme.

Step 5: Choose your options

Our pergolas have awesome upgrades and options that enable you to get exactly what you want. Choose your post style (square or round pillars), shade coverage (50%, 75% or 90%), end cap style and more. You can also add one or more fan mounts to create your own breeze.

Contact the Sunset Pergola Kits team for help