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Sunset Pergola Kits Gallery

We can't emphasize to you how many people purchase a pergola kit from us, get it installed, and immediately write us to tell us how they wished they had added it YEARS earlier! Adding a pergola to your backyard not only makes it more beautiful, but much more functional! It's almost like adding a new room to your home. Whether you're looking to barbecue a bit more or have a more comfortable place to get cozy & read a good book, consider adding a Sunset Pergola to your backyard.

To get a better idea of what one of our beautiful Pergola Kits will look like in your backyard, browse our gallery of images below:

With all of the benefits you get with Sunset Pergola Kits, you know you will have no choice but to order yours today. Click the button below to pick the perfect pergola kit for you.

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