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We price our pergolas based on the components included in the kit (number & size of posts, beams, rafters, purlins, etc.). We don't jack up the price if you order a "custom" pergola not shown on our website.

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Close-up picture of the end of a beam or rafter highlighting our pergola materials: extruded vinyl and heavy-duty aluminumGet a Free Sample

We're so confident you'll be blown away by the quality of our vinyl & aluminum pergolas that we'll gladly eat the $20-30 it will cost us to send you a FREE SAMPLE of our materials!

Sunset Pergola Kits offer the unbeatable combination of...

1. HIGH STRENGTH - All structural components have a heavy-duty (and we mean heavy-duty) aluminum frame. The aluminum frame inside the posts (columns) is .150 gauge aluminum, while the beams and rafters have either .060 gauge aluminum (2x6s) or .080 gauge aluminum (2x8s).

2. LOW MAINTENANCE - The exterior of every piece is made of premium extruded vinyl (colored all the way through) that is as beautiful as it is durable. Anyone who has ever had both a vinyl fence and a wooden fence knows how much easier it is to clean and maintain vinyl. Our pergolas are virtually maintenance-free and are guaranteed to never chalk, pit, discolor or become brittle.

3. REAL SHADE - Our pergolas aren't there just to look pretty; they're there to offer REAL shade. Other pergolas might as well come with a bottle of sunscreen, while Sunset Pergolas are essentially lower-cost patio covers.

We know our pergolas aren't the cheapest pergolas on the market, and we're okay with that (even proud of that). Sunset Pergola Kits are made to last a lifetime. If you're looking for a low-cost pergola that will look nice for a couple years before it starts bowing, sagging, discoloring and falling apart, you're in the wrong place (though we'll gladly welcome you back in 2-3 years when you're ready to replace the economy/value pergola you made the mistake of getting). It's very telling that almost 50% of the pergolas we sell are to people replacing a low-cost pergola (as opposed to people buying a pergola for the first time).

Sunset Pergolas are commercial grade... premium all the way and protected by a lifetime warranty. All men and women are created equal... but the same cannot be said of vinyl or aluminum. Just because a pergola has a vinyl exterior doesn't mean it's high-quality vinyl that won't chalk, pit, discolor or chip. Just because a pergola has an aluminum frame doesn't mean it's made of high-gauge aluminum that will hold up to extreme winds, extreme heat, extreme cold and other extreme weather conditions.

If you're going to invest in a pergola, don't go half-way. Spend a little more and get a Sunset Pergola that will not only last a lifetime but will also stay beautiful for a lifetime. Click here to see real reviews from real customers, and watch the short video above to see what sets Sunset Pergola Kits apart.

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Choose Style:  Traditional, Modern or Hybrid

Traditional pergolas have overhangs, while modern pergolas have clean, squared-off corners.
Hybrid pergolas are technically "traditional" pergolas but modified to look more modern.

Picture of a tan vinyl traditional pergola providing shade next to a swimming pool


Overhangs on Beams & Rafters
Attached and Freestanding
White or Tan Vinyl Exterior

Picture of a contemporary-style white pergola with no overhangs just off a modern condo


Squared-Off Corners
Attached and Freestanding
White or Tan Vinyl Exterior
Picture of a white traditional pergola with no overhangs and flat end caps made to look more like a modern pergola


Traditional pergola modified to look more modern
Low cost of a traditional pergola
Contemporary look of a modern pergola
Picture of an eyebrow pergola with 5 purlins a few feet above 2 single garage doors

NEW!  Eyebrow Pergolas

Attached to your home (3-foot depth)
White or Tan Vinyl Exterior
From 8 feet to 28 feet in length

Choose Type:  Attached or Free-Standing?

Attached pergolas attach to your home on one side, while free-standing pergolas have a post in all 4 corners and stand alone.

Click the type you're looking for to begin shopping...

Picture of a white vinyl pergola with a semi-circle rafter and purlin pattern attached to a home


Traditional and Modern Styles
White or Tan Vinyl Exterior
2 Posts (3 for wider pergolas)

Picture of a stand-alone white vinyl pergola with 4 posts next to a swimming pool


Traditional and Modern Styles
White or Tan Vinyl Exterior
4 Posts (6 for wider pergolas)