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Choose Style: Traditional, Modern or Hybrid

Traditional pergolas have overhangs, while modern pergolas have clean, squared-off corners.
Hybrid pergolas are technically "traditional" pergolas but modified to look more modern.


Overhangs on Beams & Rafters
Attached and Freestanding
White or Tan Vinyl Exterior

modern white attached pergola kit


Squared-Off Corners
Attached and Freestanding
White or Tan Vinyl Exterior
traditional and modern hybrid pergola


Traditional pergola modified to look more modern
Low cost of a traditional pergola
Contemporary look of a modern pergola

NEW! Eyebrow Pergolas

Attached to your home (3-foot depth)
White or Tan Vinyl Exterior
From 8 feet to 28 feet in length

Choose Type: Attached or Free-Standing?

Attached pergolas attach to your home on one side, while free-standing pergolas have a post in all 4 corners and stand alone.

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attached pergola kits for sale


Traditional and Modern Styles
White or Tan Vinyl Exterior
2 Posts (3 for wider pergolas)

free-standing pergola kits for sale


Traditional and Modern Styles
White or Tan Vinyl Exterior
4 Posts (6 for wider pergolas)