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Sunset Pergola Assembly Information & Videos

Building your own pergola is NOT the daunting task you may think it is. If you (with the help of a friend) can lift up to 80 pounds and can use a tape measure, level, drill and circular saw, you’re ready for a rewarding do-it-yourself weekend project. If you don’t have (and don’t want to rent) the needed tools or cannot lift 80 pounds, it will be easy to find a professional contractor to install your pergola. Most contractors will be able to put it together in one day, so you can enjoy your outside space that very evening.

When the kit is shipped to you, we not only provide the materials but also step-by-step instructions, videos and drawings.

Pergola Kit Assembly Videos

Step 1 - Layout and Cutting

Step 2A - Install Post Mount to Deck

Step 2B - Install Post Mount to Concrete Slab or Column Top

Step 2C - Install Post Mount to Concrete Footing

Step 3 Install Columns Over Post Mount

Step 4 - Attach Pergola Ledger to Structure

Step 5A - Install Beams (traditional method)

Step 5B - Install Beams w/ Optional Attachment Brackets

Step 6 - Rafter Attachment

Step 7 - Attach Purlin Holders

Step 8 - Install Purlins

Step 9 - Caps & Finish Work

Pergola Kit Assembly FAQs

How many people will it take to assemble my Sunset Pergola?

Two. Ask a friend or spouse to help you, or consider hiring a local contractor (or even just a handyman on CraigsList). Do not try and assemble it on your own.

How difficult is the installation process?

It honestly isn’t very intense or complicated. There aren’t any “moving parts” and it’s pretty straightforward how everything fits together (even if you didn’t have detailed, fully illustrated step-by-step instructions like you will have). Even a novice in basic construction can assemble our pergola kits without much trouble at all.

How long will it take to assemble my pergola?

If you are getting the help of a contractor or handyman, the two of you should easily have it up in about a day (or even less). If you do it on your own, plan for two days. Also, if you are attaching it to your house or deck or need to dig footings, you will need to add some additional time. Either way, in one weekend you can have your pergola up and ready to enjoy.

What tools will I need to assemble the pergola?

You will need just a few basic tools to assemble your pergola. You’ll need a level, measuring tape, ladder, drill with a 6-inch extension, drill bits and drivers, and a circular or miter saw. That’ll do it!

Do I need a building permit to install a pergola?

It depends on a) where you live, b) where you are installing the pergola, and c) the size of the pergola. While every locality has its own regulations, most residential structures that are less than 150 square feet do not need a permit. If your pergola is part of a commercial structure, a permit and full engineering calculations are usually required. Contact your local building inspector’s office before installing the pergola.

Do you have drawings with an engineer’s stamp?

All of our standard pergola kits include CAD drawings detailing dimensions and construction (in addition to the step-by-step assembly instructions). If the building code official requires a stamp, we will happily refer you to a structural engineer who is familiar with our kits (additional fees may apply).

How heavy are the pergola components?

Most individual pergola components weigh between 10 and 40 pounds. Pergola beams, however, typically weigh between 50 and 85 pounds, depending on their length. Again, we recommend having two people unload the shipment and assemble the pergola.

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