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Modifying a Traditional Pergola to LOOK LIKE a Modern Pergola

A lot of our customers are torn between the lower cost of a traditional pergola and the more contemporary look (but higher cost) of a modern pergola.

Depending on the size, traditional pergolas typically cost 20-40% LESS than modern pergolas with the same dimensions. When you're talking about a several-thousand-dollar purchase, that's A LOT of savings on our traditional pergolas!

But what if you just like the look of our modern pergolas better? Are your only options to settle for a traditional pergola with overhangs you don't want OR shell out thousands of dollars more to get the look you like better?

Here's a 3rd option a lot of our customers opt for. With 3 super simple modifications, you can make our traditional pergolas look very, very similar to our higher-cost modern pergolas...

  1. Order a traditional pergola kit with the exact dimensions you want the base of the pergola to be (measured from the outside of Post A to the outside of Post B);

  2. Choose the Flat End Caps option; and

  3. When installing the pergola (or having it installed for you), install the posts such that there are no overhangs (i.e. place the posts right on the edge, rather than 12" in from the edge of the pergola).

Doing these 3 simple things, your pergola will have a very modern look with clean, squared-off corners (rather than overhangs) but you'll enjoy the savings that a traditional pergola offers.

Below, you'll see what the finished product will look like from outside (picture on the left) and from underneath (picture on the right). The look is a little different from the modern pergolas, but a lot of our customers actually prefer it quite a bit more than the modern pergola kits.

Traditional Pergola w/ Modern Look (from outside)

Traditional Pergola Modified to Look Modern

Traditional Pergola w/ Modern Look (from underneath)

Traditional Pergola Modified to Look Modern (Underneath)

Is this the route you'd like to go? Click here to browse our traditional pergolas now. Just remember to base the width/depth dimensions on where the posts will sit (outside of post to outside of post), and make sure to select Flat end caps.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 877-760-6992.