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About Sunset Pergola Kits

The Sunset Pergola Kits (SPK) tagline is: High Strength. Low Maintenance. Real Shade.

This tagline highlights the 3 key features of Sunset Pergola Kits...

  1. The key structural components of the pergola (i.e. the posts, the beams, and the rafters) all have a strong, durable, heavy-duty aluminum frame;

  2. The exterior of the entire pergola is made of premium extruded vinyl, which is long-lasting and virtually maintenance free; and

  3. The unique angled shade system offers 75% (most popular), 90% or 50% shade coverage options, providing real shade under the pergola.

Watch this short 1:19 overview video about why Sunset Pergola Kits are truly the best pergola kits on the market...

We offer 384 "standard" pergola configurations (for the most common pergola dimensions and style options), but we can create a kit for virtually ANY pergola shape (T-shape, L-shape, triangle, octagon, half-octagon... you name it) and virtually any size (we've built HUGE pergolas that can fit a couple dozen picnic tables under them).

And our customers (and Area Reps) love the fact that we use component-based pricing, meaning that the price of any given kit is based entirely on the number/size of posts, beams and rafters, the number of shade purlins, etc. We do not "jack up the price" of a kit simply because it's a "custom" pergola. Our quote calculator is completely component-based.

Please take a couple minutes to read through everything on our single-page, double-sided SPK overview flyer...

One last thing before we dive into the assembly videos... Please look through our Buying Guide PDF, which goes over the different types of pergolas we offer and the customization & configuration options customers have.

Congratulations! You've made it through the most text-heavy page in the Area Rep training course. Almost everything else is video-based. Click here to watch the first "how-to" video on assembling a Sunset Pergola Kit.