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Want Your Pergola Installed For You?

Picture of a man drilling down through the top of a purlin holder to attach the purlin holder to the rafter below itWhile our pergola kits are very Do-It-Yourself (DIY) friendly, some customers prefer to hire someone to assemble and install their pergola for them.

The challenge is that hiring a random contractor or handyman can be a bit of a "crapshoot"... Have they ever installed one of our pergolas before? Are they going to do a good job? Are they going to be fair on pricing or try to charge you an arm and a leg?

We've got you covered! Following is a list of cities throughout the United States that have a Sunset Pergola Kits "Area Rep" who has 1) completed our training course, 2) passed a test we administer and 3) has (in the vast majority of cases) already installed our pergolas multiple times. And most of these Area Reps are willing to travel up to 3-4 hours to do an install. Click here to request their contact information.