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Hurricane Brackets

Hurricane Brackets

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Hurricane Brackets

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Hurricane brackets are not required but are strongly recommended for pergolas installed in locations that sometimes have winds of 80+ MPH. Adding hurricane brackets adds a lifetime WIND warranty to your pergola.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Excellent pergula

The landscapers that installed my pergola said this is a really good one. So many are simply, vinyl but this has the aluminum inside which is excellent for the weight bearing parts. I'm so thrilled with it. Would highly recommend this!

Love my new pergola

I absolutely love my pergola from Sunset Pergola Kits! I love being able to lay in my chaise lounge chair and read my book on my shady deck with the fan above me giving a light breeze. And on those nice summer nights it is the perfect cool spot to play cards with our friends well into the night with the lights on and our favorite oldies playing on our speakers. It is my happy place!

Love It!

I wanted a nice looking pergola for my deck, but didn’t want to pay the steep price of handyman to come and construct one for me. My deck is pretty big, and I knew it would cost a lot of money to install a pergola. With Sunset Pergola Kits I was able to customize my pergola, have it delivered, and a friend of mine and I put it together in just three days! Thank you Sunset Pergola Kits for a great pergola and a great price!

Great for BBQing

I was always too embarrassed of my patio area to have a BBQ with my friends. Now that I was able to customize my Sunset Pergola Kit to include lights and speakers my BBQs last all night long after the food is gone. I love having an entertaining space that looks so good to share with my family and friends.

Holds up to wind well

We live in a very windy area and I have always been unsure about putting in a pergola. With the wind brackets and a lifetime wind warranty from Sunset Pergola Kits, I have peace of mind knowing that my beautiful outside escape is safe from the obnoxious high winds in my area.

Gorgeous Purgola

We were able to put our new purgola right on top of our four existing pillars. It was such a relief to find this customizable kit that allowed us to use what we already had instead of having to go through the headache of tearing everything up and starting over. Now our backyard is gorgeous again!

Thanks from Little Rock

Our backyard was pretty… pretty boring. With little shade no one wanted to be outside during the hot summer months. When we ordered our Sunset Pergola Kit it was here in less than two weeks, and we had it installed over a weekend. It was so easy! Now we have a beautiful and cool outdoor escape that we love to lounge in!

Thank You!

We knew something was missing from our backyard, but couldn’t put a finger on it. When we saw what they had at Sunset Pergola Kits, we knew that is what we needed to really make our outdoor space an enjoyable one. Now we can relax in the shade and enjoy the breeze. Especially with the fan that we have installed in our pergola, it’s perfect!

Completes the Yard

We decided to put our pergola next to the pool. It was great not having to worry about having to attach it to an existing structure, we were able to put our pergola exactly where we wanted it to be. And knowing that it is a sturdy structure that won’t rust with all of the pool water is a great benefit.

Easy Customizations

When I got to the job site, I found that the dimensions were actually 3 to 4 inches shorter than the drawing depicted. With any other materials this could have been a huge headache , but all I had to do was trim down all of the vinyl and aluminum pieces with a circular saw and move along with the installation. I didn’t have to take time to return items, or mess with complicated measurements or equipment. It was so easy!