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STANDARD Starter Pack (Personalized)

Picture of an Area Rep Starter Pack, which includes flyers, door hangers, business cards, a car magnet and a polo shirt

STANDARD Starter Pack (Personalized)

Regular price $208 Sale price $200

This Standard Starter Pack includes the following:

  • Business cards (personalized) - 250
  • Door hangers (personalized) - 250
  • 4" x 6" small flyers (personalized) - 250
  • Car magnet (personalized) - 1
  • Branded polo shirt (personalized) - 1

The cost (without any price mark-ups) for the Standard Starter Pack is $208.25, which we've rounded down to $200 even. However, $150 of this will be reimbursed upon the completion of your first sale (we'll add it to the commission you make on your first sale), making the final cost just $50.

So, for example, if your first sale generates a commission of $800, your first payment from us will be $950 (the $800 sale commission plus a $150 refund).