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Nationwide Sunset Pergola Installation Services

What's Included?

  • Removing the kit components from their packaging
  • Assembling the entire pergola
  • Anchoring the posts (i.e. columns) to an existing concrete slab, patio or deck (and to your home for attached pergolas)
  • Removal and disposal of all packaging materials

What's Not Included?

  • Pouring concrete footings to anchor the pergola to (note: if you need concrete footings to be poured, you'll need to hire a local contractor to do that at least 5 days prior to the pergola installation date)
  • Removal/disposal of another pergola, gazebo or other structure that is being replaced (although we can arrange to have the installer do this for an additional fee - please contact us for more info)

Who Will Do the Installation?

To make installation as easy and affordable as possible for our customers, we've partnered with an assembly/installation company with well-qualified installers throughout the entire United States (with approximately 95% of the US population covered). These installers are not freelance individuals who may or may not have the know-how, tools and/or experience to do a good job. Rather, they are well-established companies that are licensed, bonded and insured and that have extensive experience installing pergolas and other outdoor structures.

How Will the Installation be Scheduled?

We will contact you when we have finished fabricating and packaging your kit for delivery (which will likely be around 2 weeks after you place your order... possibly up to 3 weeks during the busiest months of May - July). At that time, we will ask for your preferred installation day and time (as well as a back-up day/time in case your first choice isn't possible). Note: Delivery typically takes 4-5 days but can take up to 7 days, so the install date will need to be at least 7 days after the 

What Do I Need to Have Ready Before the Installer Arrives?

Sunset pergola kits contain all of the hardware and materials the installer will need to assemble the pergola EXCEPT the fasteners/hardware for anchoring the posts to a secure foundation (i.e. a cement slab, patio, deck or concrete footings) or for anchoring the ledger plate to your home (which applies to attached pergolas only). Anchoring hardware is not included in the kit because the type of hardware needed varies depending on what type of material the anchors are going into. You will need to purchase the anchoring hardware before the installer arrives.

As noted above, the installation service does not include pouring concrete footings or otherwise preparing the foundation to which the pergola posts will be anchored. If you do not already have a concrete slab, patio or deck to which the posts will be anchored, you will need to hire a local contractor to pour a cement slab or concrete footings at least 5 days prior to the pergola installation date.

Finally, please make sure the area where the pergola will be installed is clear and clean. The installer isn't responsible to move barbecue grills, patio furniture or other items from the area so the installation team can get right to work.

What If I Live in a Super Remote Area?

Approximately 95% of the US population is covered by our installer network. In the rare event where we have a customer who lives in a remote location not covered by our network, we can oftentimes talk an installer into making the trip to your home for an additional fee. Please contact us to provide your zip code if you think your location might be an issue.

Do I Need to Be Present During the Installation?

You certainly don't need to be present throughout the entire installation process, but we do ask wherever possible that you are home when the installer arrives. This is necessary so you can talk with the installer face-to-face and give them specific on-site instructions as to how and where the installation is completed. This will also give the installer the opportunity to ask you questions before they begin the work.

What If I'm Unhappy with the Installer's Work?

First off, you won't be. :-)  Sunset pergola kits are designed as Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits (and we provide step-by-step illustrated instructions and demo videos), so experienced professionals don't have any trouble installing them. Customers who have used the installation service have been very happy.

All that being said, installers are not paid (not even an up-front down payment) until you sign off that the job has been completed to your satisfaction. This ensures that the installer will do high-quality work and not leave any "loose ends" for you to deal with yourself.

We've never had a dispute where the installer and the customer haven't found a resolution, but we will get involved if needed to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

Also, please note that all of the installers we work with are licensed, bonded and insured companies. We don't work with freelance individuals trying to make a little cash "on the side."

Still Have Questions?

Please contact us and we'll be happy to answer them for you!