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Installation Policy

Sunset Pergola Kits (SPK) offers customers the option to purchase pergola installation services when purchasing a pergola kit on our website. In doing so, SPK is merely acting as the liaison in connecting the customer with an independent third-party company that will contract directly with you to perform the installation. SPK does not provide installation services itself.

If you purchase installation services through the SPK website, you acknowledge that you understand that SPK will not be involved with the installation of the pergola nor be a party to the transaction between you and the company providing the installation services.

SPK uses a service called Kandu to find a local company to perform the installation. Kandu has a large network of companies throughout the United States that provide assembly and installation services locally. When you purchase installation services on the SPK website, we request the installation service on Kandu's website on your behalf. Kandu then matches the job to a trusted service provider in its network to perform the installation. (Please note that Kandu tracks the performance of each service provider in its network and only retains those companies that consistently receive positive ratings/reviews. Furthermore, Kandu's service providers must be professional, experienced businesses -- not individuals -- and are required to carry insurance.)

The company providing the installation will contract directly with you to provide the services. SPK is not a party to the installation transaction and cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions or damages associated with the installation. That said, it's important to note that: a) installation companies are required to carry insurance, b) installers are not paid until you sign off that the job has been completed to your satisfaction, c) Kandu provides a guarantee on the work its service providers perform, and d) Sunset pergola kits are designed as Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits that inexperienced individual homeowners can install themselves, so assembling/installing our pergolas is very easy and straightforward for experienced professionals.