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Modern Pergolas

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What are Modern Pergolas?

While traditional pergolas date all the way back to the early 1400s, modern pergolas are a much more recent development. Although some consider any pergola not made of stone, concrete, brick or wood to be "modern", they are usually only talking about the materials that the pergola is made from. Because all of our pergolas already employ the most modern materials, when we classify something as a modern pergola, we are talking about its architectural style.

Sharp, clean lines are what modern pergolas are all about. There are no overhangs, no scrolls and no decorative features at the top or bottom of a modern minimalist pergola. Whether it is a free-standing pergola kit or a modern pergola attached to a house, sleek and simple is the essence of the new style of pergola.

If your home or building is more angular without fancy adornments, a modern pergola will suit its style better. Modern pergolas blend well with Cape Cod, Contemporary, Farmhouse, Modern, Mid-Century Modern and Prairie architectural style homes.

While they definitely look smart and match perfectly with certain types of homes, modern pergolas are definitely more expensive than traditional pergolas. They haven't been around as long and there are far less companies making them.

Why Buy a Modern Pergola Kit from Us?

Today, the majority of traditional pergolas tend to be made out of wood. Because of that, wooden pergolas tend to be the least expensive to buy. Unfortunately, less expensive doesn't always mean "cheaper in the long run". Far more maintenance is involved with a wood pergola. They are harder to clean, have to be repainted often (if you don't opt for a natural wood look) and they will not last forever. The best of woods are prone to rot, constant exposure to rain causes wood to sag or warp over time and despite misleading claims made by many manufacturers about their wood being "termite resistant", no wood is termite proof. Termites will eat any wood - they just like the taste of some wood better than others!

All of the modern pergolas for sale here are not only sharp looking, they feature the most modern materials. Our pergolas are made with an aluminum frame that has a vinyl coating, making it stronger and easier to clean than a wooden pergola. A modern metal pergola that features vinyl covered aluminum won't rust, rot or sag and they never need to be painted. Just a little soap and water is all you need to keep a Sunset Pergola looking as good as new for as long as you own your home. Termites don't eat metal or vinyl so that'll never be a concern, either. Best of all, if you add high-wind brackets, we'll give you a Lifetime Wind Protection Warranty for your pergola kit!

Although modern pergola kits might be slightly more expensive than traditional pergolas, when it comes to creating the perfect outdoor oasis, it's worth paying a bit more to get the exact look that you desire.