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Free-Standing Pergolas

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Why Get a Free-Standing Pergola?

Although some people like creating the illusion of an extension to their house with an attached pergola, most people use a pergola the way they were originally intended, as a standalone structure in their yards.

Best utilized in large yards, free-standing pergolas allow you to create an oasis - a place where people can relax, get out of the sun and socialize.

A properly placed free-standing pergola can easily become a standout feature in an otherwise ho-hum yard. Use it to hang plants, lights or even climbing flowering vines. Or, do nothing at all and appreciate it for the wonderful shade that it provides.

Choose from either our modern free-standing pergola or traditional pergola kits to get the perfect look you desire!

Why Buy a Free-Standing Pergola Kit from Us?

Today, the majority of free-standing pergolas are made out of wood. Because the materials are cheaper and much more abundant, wooden pergolas tend to be the least expensive to buy. Unfortunately, less expensive doesn't always mean "cheaper in the long run".

Far more maintenance is involved with a free-standing wood pergola. They are harder to clean, have to be repainted often (if you don't opt for a natural wood pergola) and they will not last forever. The best of woods are prone to rot, constant exposure to rain causes wood to sag or warp over time and despite misleading claims made by many manufacturers about their wood being "termite resistant", no wood is termite proof. Termites will eat any wood - they just like the taste of some wood better than others.

Every free-standing pergola kit sold here at Sunset Pergola Kits is made with an aluminum frame with a vinyl coating making it stronger and easier to clean than a wooden pergola. Although there is aluminum inside, our free-standing vinyl pergola kits won't rust, rot or sag and they never need to be painted. Just a little soap and water is all you need to keep a Sunset Pergola looking as good as new for as long as you own your home. Termites don't eat metal or vinyl so that'll never be a concern, either. Best of all, if you add high-wind brackets, we'll give you a Lifetime Wind Protection Warranty for your pergola kit!

Our free-standing pergola kits might be slightly more expensive than the cheap wooden ones, but you'll thank us later when you see the hassles that your neighbors who bought wooden ones have to endure. Be sure to mention us when they finally give up and want one just like yours!