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Eyebrow Pergola Kit (Place Over Garage, Front Door and/or Windows)

Eyebrow Pergola Kit (Place Over Garage, Front Door and/or Windows)

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Eyebrow Pergola Kit (Place Over Garage, Front Door and/or Windows)

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Picture of the end of a beam or rafter with the aluminum interior sleeve extending several inches beyond the end of the vinyl, with the text Free Sample - See the quality of our vinyl and aluminum pergolas for yourself
Design your own pergola banner illustrating that you can choose the width and depth of the pergola, the style of end caps, and the size and shape of the posts

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About Our Eyebrow Pergola Kits

Type: Eyebrow Pergola to go above garage, front door and/or windows
Depth: 2 feet (2 ft 9 in with overhang) out from the structure
Width (Length): Variable (select above: 8' - 28')
Interior Structure of Rafters: Heavy-duty aluminum frame
Exterior Color & Material: White or Tan vinyl (note: tan costs ~10% more)
Warranty: Lifetime warranty
Shipping: HALF OFF for a limited time ($200 savings)

Please note that the pictures shown on this page are representative of various Sunset eyebrow pergolas and do not necessarily depict the exact configuration offered on this page.

Picture of a white eyebrow pergola a couple feet over 3 single-bay garage doors on a brown stone home

All-Inclusive Eyebrow Pergola Kit

Our eyebrow pergola kits include EVERYTHING you'll need for a 100% complete, fully-assembled eyebrow pergola. The kit includes the following key components (text is color-coded to match image):

Ledger Plate(s): for attaching the pergola to your home or other structure
Rafters: 2" x 6" with heavy-duty aluminum frame
Rafter end caps: 1 per rafter (style selected above)
Purlin Holders: 2" x 3.5"
Purlin holder end caps: 2 per purlin holder
Shade Purlins: 7/8" x 3"
Shade purlin end caps: 2 per shade purlin
All hardware & fasteners that you'll need to assemble the eyebrow pergola (other than the hardware required for attaching the Ledger Plate to the home)

Schematic drawing of an eyebrow pergola showing that rafters extend from the ledger plate with purlin holders sitting atop the rafters and shade purlins sliding into the purlin holders

Click image to enlarge

Why a Sunset Pergola?

Sunset Pergolas offer the perfect combination of quality, beauty and affordability. The all-vinyl exterior is elegant and virtually maintenance-free, and the aluminum frame is both structurally strong and rust-proof.

Picture of the end of a beam or rafter with the aluminum extending a few inches beyond the vinyl sleeve, with the text Free Sample - See the quality of our vinyl and aluminum pergolas for yourself

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Frame

Sunset Pergolas are built to last - and to stay beautiful - for decades. The sturdy aluminum frame inside each rafter ensures that your pergola will not sag, bow, bend, break or rust over time. And the stainless steel fasteners will hold your pergola securely in place, even in extreme weather conditions.

Premium Vinyl Exterior

With such quality on the inside, do you think we would skimp on the outside? Absolutely not! The exterior of every piece (rafters, purlin holders, shade purlins, end caps… everything!) is made of premium extruded vinyl that is as beautiful as it is durable. Anyone who has ever had both a vinyl fence and a wooden fence knows how much easier it is to clean and maintain vinyl. Our eyebrow pergolas are virtually maintenance-free and are guaranteed to never chalk, pit, discolor or become brittle.

Sunset Pergolas are manufactured right here in the USA and are protected by a lifetime warranty. Order a free sample or read more about our high-quality materials.

Looking for a Full-Blown Pergola?

Design Your Own banner showing that you can customize the width and depth dimensions of a pergola, select your desired end caps, choose your desired post styles, and moreAre you looking for a full-blown pergola with posts, beams, rafters, and so on (rather than an "eyebrow" pergola to go over your garage, front door or windows)? Use our interactive pergola design tool to quickly find a full-sized pergola that is perfectly suited to your space, lifestyle and preferences. You can choose the pergola type (freestanding or attached), pergola style (traditional or modern), width and depth dimensions, color (white or tan vinyl), width and style of posts (columns), level of shade provided (50%, 75% or 90%), style of end caps, and much more. Beyond all that, if you're looking for an odd-sized or non-rectangular-shaped pergola, we can build those too! Just give us a call at 877-760-6992 and we'll give you a custom quote.

Lifetime Warranty

We’re so confident your Sunset Pergola will look beautiful for decades that we have no hesitation backing it with a limited lifetime warranty. Click here to read through the warranty information.

Representative stillframe picture of a how-to video for installing Sunset pergolas Easy Assembly: DIY or Installed For You

Assembling a Sunset eyebrow pergola is very simple and straightforward. Even novices with little to no construction experience can bang it out in about half a day. You don’t need any specialized tools, either.

And if our easy-to-follow, fully illustrated assembly instructions aren’t clear enough, you can FaceTime or Skype with us directly (for FREE!) to get personal, one-on-one help!

Eyebrow Pergola Kit

The following CAD drawings shows the default installation configurations for Eyebrow Pergola Kits of various sizes.

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Sunset Pergola Kits Overview Video

High Strength. Low Maintenance. Real Shade.

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Eyebrow Pergola Kit Picture Gallery

Click on any picture to see the full-size image (which will open in a new tab).

First picture of an eyebrow pergola

Second picture of an eyebrow pergola

Third picture of an eyebrow pergola

Fourth picture of an eyebrow pergola

Fifth picture of an eyebrow pergola

Sixth picture of an eyebrow pergola

Seventh picture of an eyebrow pergola

Eighth picture of an eyebrow pergola

Ninth picture of an eyebrow pergola

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Product Q&As     Ask a Question

  • Sunset Pergola Kits offer the unbeatable combination of...

    1. High Strength - All structural components have a heavy-duty (and we mean heavy-duty) aluminum frame. The aluminum frame inside the posts (columns) is .150 gauge aluminum, while the beams and rafters have either .060 gauge aluminum (2x6s) or .080 gauge aluminum (2x8s).

    2. Low Maintenance - The exterior of every piece is made of premium extruded vinyl that is as beautiful as it is durable. Anyone who has ever had both a vinyl fence and a wooden fence knows how much easier it is to clean and maintain vinyl. Our pergolas are virtually maintenance-free and are guaranteed to never chalk, pit, discolor or become brittle.

    3. Real Shade - Our pergolas aren't there just to look pretty; they're there to offer REAL shade (as you can see in this picture). Other pergolas might as well come with a bottle of sunscreen, while Sunset Pergolas are essentially lower-cost patio covers.

    We know our pergolas aren't the cheapest pergolas on the market, and we're okay with that (even proud of that). Sunset Pergola Kits are made to last a lifetime. If you're looking for a low-cost pergola that will look nice for a couple years before it starts bowing, sagging, discoloring and falling apart, you're in the wrong place (though we'll gladly welcome you back in 2-3 years when you're ready to replace the economy/value pergola you made the mistake of getting). It's very telling that almost 50% of the pergolas we sell are to people replacing a low-cost pergola (as opposed to people buying a pergola for the first time).

    Sunset Pergolas are commercial grade... premium all the way and protected by a lifetime warranty. All men and women are created equal... but the same cannot be said of vinyl or aluminum. Just because a pergola has a vinyl exterior doesn't mean it's high-quality vinyl that won't chalk, pit, discolor or chip. Just because a pergola has an aluminum frame doesn't mean it's made of high-gauge aluminum that will hold up to extreme winds, extreme heat, extreme cold and other extreme weather conditions.

    If you're going to invest in a pergola, don't go half-way. Spend a little more and get a Sunset Pergola that will not only last a lifetime but will also stay beautiful for a lifetime. Click here to see real reviews from real customers, and watch the short video below to see what sets Sunset Pergola Kits apart.

  • A lot of our customers are torn between the lower cost of a traditional pergola and the more contemporary look (but higher cost) of a modern pergola.

    Depending on the size, traditional pergolas typically cost 20-40% LESS than modern pergolas with the same dimensions. When you're talking about a several-thousand-dollar purchase, that's A LOT of savings on our traditional pergolas!

    A really attractive option is our "hybrid" pergola design. It's actually just a traditional pergola (so you get the cost savings), but it's customized and installed in a way that makes it look very similar to our modern pergolas (no overhangs, and clean squared-off corners). Here's what it looks like from underneath and from the outside.

    Check out this page for more information on our "hybrid" pergola design and how to order it.

  • Please read through this guide about measuring your space and factors to consider when ordering your pergola kit.

  • Our posts (columns) are 10 feet tall, which is ideal for most customers.

    If you need/want the pergola to be shorter (which is sometimes the case for attached pergolas because of where the pergola needs to attach to your home), the posts can easily be trimmed down to a shorter height.

    If you need/want taller posts, you have a couple options:

    Option #1 (preferred) - Add risers or pillars to the base so that the posts themselves are only 10’ tall. If the risers are fairly short (12” tall or less), a 12” square riser should be fine. But if the risers are taller than that (2-4 feet tall), we’d recommend the risers be bigger (like 18” square). Here are links to a few images: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5 and Image 6.

    Option #2 - For $300 more (for 5" posts) or $400 more (for 7" posts), we can make the posts up to 4 feet longer (up to 14 feet tall). However, since we did all of our engineer testing and certification done using our standard 10' tall posts, we cannot warrant pergolas that have posts taller than 10' tall. This doesn't mean the pergola won't be structurally strong. Over the years, we’ve had several dozen customers go over 10’ tall on the posts (some as tall as 13-14 feet), and they haven’t had any problems. But it’s an infrequent enough occurrence that it hasn’t made sense for us to do the official engineer testing to get them certified, and therefore we won’t warrant them.

  • Absolutely. Our kits have been put through FEA testing performed by an independent structural engineering firm. The results helped us to design our pergolas to withstand high wind speeds. We are so confident in the structural soundness of our pergolas that we provide a warranty against wind damage when correctly installed using hurricane brackets. You can read more about our wind warranty here.

  • Very well! Our pergolas have an internal heavy-duty aluminum frame. This means they won’t sag, bend, break or rust in extreme weather. The premium extruded vinyl exterior is thick and durable enough that you don’t have to worry about it deforming in heat or cracking in the cold. We guarantee it!

  • Sure, we encourage it! Adding a fan to keep air moving on a hot day is the perfect way to get even more enjoyment in your outside space. Lights and speakers are also a great addition. The best part is that because all of the structural components have a hollow core, it’s easy to chase wires and add boxes and switches to your pergola.

  • We don't offer fully covered pergolas with 100% shade. However, the 90% shade option we offer honestly provides 100% shade the vast majority of the day. Light only gets through when the sun is directly overhead (or very close to it). In the afternoon or evening (which is when most people use their pergolas), the shade purlins block the sun completely and provide 100% shade. Here's a picture of a pergola that has 90% shade on the left half of the pergola and 75% shade on the right half.

    Our 90% shade option is perfect because it provides complete shade for almost the entire day, but it also allows rain/snow to get through, preventing drainage issues and snow pileup.

  • While our website only shows 50%, 75% and 90% shade options, you can technically get ANY percentage you'd like. The higher the shade percentage, the closer the shade purlins will be (i.e. for 90% shade, the purlins have 3" on-center spacing, while 75% shade has 4" on-center spacing). If you'd like a different percentage of shade coverage (i.e. 20%, 30%, 40%, 60%, 80%, etc.), please contact us to discuss.

  • We have multiple sales throughout the year associated with various holidays, seasons and events. The deepest discount we offer in ANY sale event is $1,000 off + half-off shipping ($499 instead of the regular $999).

  • It honestly isn't very difficult at all. Our pergola kits were specifically designed as Do It Yourself (DIY) kits. There aren't any "moving parts" and it's pretty obvious how everything fits together (even if you didn’t have fully illustrated step-by-step instructions or demo videos like you will have). Even a novice in basic construction can assemble our pergola kits without much trouble at all. But here’s the best part... if you have any questions on a certain step, you can talk directly with our trained staff via FaceTime or Skype (free of charge).

Visit our FAQs Page for additional Q&As.

Ask a Question

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Shipping & Delivery Information

Shipping is $999 for all shipments within mainland USA, although we sometimes run sales that discount shipping to $799, $699 or even $499. (We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or outside the USA at this time.)

Shipping times vary a bit based on which pergola kit you order and where you are located. That said, we make every effort to have your pergola kit arrive at your home within 2-3 weeks of your order date. We will stay in close contact with you to make sure you are aware of when your pergola kit should arrive. We will email you as soon as your order has shipped and tracking information is available. We will also notify you via email if there are any processing or shipping delays.

IMPORTANT: Because of the size and value of the pergola, you are required to be present to receive the shipment. You will be contacted by the contracted freight company to schedule your delivery.

When the delivery truck arrives, you will need to unload the pergola kit by hand (unless you have access to a forklift). This should take no more than ~15 minutes. While a single person who can lift up to 80 pounds could unload the truck on their own, we recommend having a helper. (Please note that the driver of the truck is not required to help, although they sometimes will.)

You should verify each component against the packing list and note any missing or damaged items on your packing slip before signing. If any item is missing or damaged (which is extremely rare), we will quickly replace it at no cost to you.

The following 1:17 video shows how easy it is to unload your pergola kit from the truck. (Click the 'CC' icon to activate captions/subtitles.)

Click here if you still have any questions about shipping and unloading.

Returns & Refunds

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Our pergolas are made with the finest quality materials so we rarely have any problems. But if your pergola (or any component of it) is damaged or defective in any way, we will happily replace it at no cost to you.

Because our pergola kits are custom made to order, we do not accept returns. We recommend doing a detailed assessment of your site, climate, and installation needs before you make your purchase from us. Click here for more information.

Where To Next?

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Assembly Information

You have two options for assembling your pergola...

  1. Assemble it yourself as a rewarding DIY weekend project (see info below), or
  2. Hire a local installer to assemble and install it for you.

Assembling the Pergola Yourself

Assembling a Sunset pergola is quite easy, even for novices. What's more, you won't need any specialized tools or machinery to assemble your pergola. If you (with the help of a friend) can lift up to 80 pounds and can use a tape measure, level, drill and circular saw, you're ready for a rewarding do-it-yourself weekend project.

We provide the following resources to make assembly as easy as possible:

  • A fully illustrated installation guide (written in very clear, easy-to-understand language)
  • A 12-part video series demonstrating the more difficult steps in the assembly process
  • FREE live assistance via FaceTime or Skype if needed

Here's what you'll need to install your Sunset pergola:

  • A helper - Some pieces are too long and bulky for one person to handle alone. Installing a pergola is a 2-person job.
  • 1-2 days - Depending on the skill level of you and your helper, you should be able to fully install this pergola in 1-2 days. (If you choose to hire a local installer, they should be able to bang it out in just 1 day.)
  • A few common tools - You'll need a level, a measuring tape, a ladder, a drill with a 6" extension (and common drill bits & drivers), and a circular or miter saw. If you don't have one of these tools, you can likely borrow it from a friend/neighbor or (if you have to) rent it from a local home improvement or hardware store.

Click here for more information about assembly and to read assembly FAQs.

Hiring a Local Installer

We have a list of installers throughout the country who would be happy to install your pergola for you. These installers have 1) completed our installation training course, 2) passed a test we administer, and 3) already installed our pergolas multiple times (in most cases).

Where To Next?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Keith B.
Gorgeous home addition

I am 65 years old and put the kit together by myself. It was a challenge but doable. The quality of the materials is quite impressive and should be maintenance free for many years to come. The DIY videos were very helpful.


Product is very well made. The installer even mentioned how well engineered the product is. You get what you pay for.

Patricia S.
Eyebrow pergola

We put our eyebrow pergola on front of our home over 3 windows! It is very well made and looks amazing. Completely changed the look of our home…so very happy!

Carolyn D.
Love the new pergola

I searched high and low on the internet trying to find just the right “roof” for my deck. The Pergola Kit from Sunset turned out to be the ideal solution. So easy for my guy to install and it really looks great.

Karen T.
14’x 16’ Pergula

Product looks good. Delivery and driver were great. Can’t wait to install.

Shirley J.
Beautiful Pergola

The end result of our 16x12 white vinyl pergola is exactly what we wanted--it's beautiful and the 90% shade option really helps with our southwestern sun exposure. Our contractors found assembly difficult and took three days to complete it. Overall, we love the pergola and look forward to enjoying our time outside this summer.

Thomas S.
High Quality major patio accessory

Built my pergola 2 years ago. Materials provided are superior quality and well worth the expense. No regrets. My patio is much more inviting and comfortable since I installed the pergola.

Kevin F.
Outstanding quality, manufacturing, delivery, and appearance

Couldn't be happier with our choice of pergolas. Great support from Sunset Pergolas. Product arrived when the said it would. Delivery experience was great and well packed. Everything went together realitively smoothly (attached pergolas take a bit more work). Quality of everything was great. Videos very helpful and instructions were perfect. With the 24' beams, 3 people definitely helped. We don't regret our decision one bit. Highly recommend.

stephen h.
High Quality Pergola

I purchased a 12’ x 16’ attached pergola kit. It came exactly as described, with all necessary parts and hardware. I could have done it myself, but chose to have a local handyman do the install. He was very impressed by the quality of the material and parts, right down to the screws holding the purlins.

My eyebrow pergola

Thought is was going to be complicated ,but the install was easy and looks beautiful.Everything was shipped perfectly all pieces were there the directions were easy to follow